The staff at Adonai Diabetes & Endocrinology Center pride ourselves on our dedication to the highest quality medical care. As healthcare professionals, we invite you to join us on our journey toward patient care excellence, always! Our commitment to our patients and our community is to deliver the very best evidence-based, patient centered care with compassion and respect. We believe that the patient is the central focus of medical care and practice. Therefore, the primary focus of our efforts is directed at meeting the patient’s individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and expectations within a healing and caring environment. We believe that all patients and their families are entitled to our commitment to the “welcome, listen and serve” philosophy and that medical care should always respect the individual rights, cultural values, and unique differences of all patients who seek our care. We believe that medical providers are accountable to practice in accordance with recognized professional standards and ethical codes. We believe that the application of evidence-based practice results in optimal patient outcomes. We are always looking for opportunities to improve and strengthen the care we deliver. We base our care on the latest research findings and professional clinical practice recommendations.

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