Late in 2013, the city of Anchorage approached Carlos Gomez (Director of the Scotty Gomez Foundation) to gauge his interest in planning an event in conjunction with Anchorages 2015 Centennial Celebration. Since Carlos’ life revolves around helping children experience the game of hockey, it was natural to suggest a pond hockey event. What better way to bring the citizens of Anchorage together to celebrate the game of hockey with the purpose of helping young people experience the greatest game in the northern hemisphere. With help from the city of Anchorage, the inaugural installment of The Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic is a reality. On March 6, 7 and 8th, we will bring together people who have a common bond; the bond of playing and enjoying a sport that seems almost by design ideally suited for Alaska. In conjunction with Anchorage's Fur Rendezvous, we have designed an event that will give the citizens of Anchorage (and Alaska) another option of spending the day outdoors. Goose Lake in Anchorage will be the site of Anchorages largest hockey event. 10 rinks, room for 100 teams, a family rink, a 40’x100’ warming tent, food, drink, music and of course, lots of hockey. Not a hockey player? No problem. With music, food, and the outdoors, there should be fun for the whole family. While skating on the family rink, enjoy watching Alaska’s greatest sport on any of 10 rinks. The 2015 Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic is a reality due in part to the relationship between the city of Anchorage and the Scotty Gomez Foundation. All proceeds from the event go directly to the Scotty Gomez Foundation. We encourage everyone to visit www.scottygomezfoundation.com to better understand its mission. By participating, either by playing or just simply attending, you will be helping develop an avenue for Anchorage youth to get involved in the greatest sport on the planet. When thinking about winter life in Alaska, how can your thoughts not include hockey? The sport is perfectly designed for winter life in Alaska. Being the hardy folks we are; it seems obvious that strapping blades onto our feet to go out in sub-freezing conditions to scurry about on a sheet of ice is completely natural. Come help us celebrate the game we all love and cherish at the same time help the youth of Anchorage enjoy the sport that Mother Nature intended us to play.

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