What Is Terp Sauce?

Traditional flower is only one of the many products that you’ll find at your local recreational marijuana dispensary. With the rising popularity of vaping and dabbing, dispensaries are now stocking a variety of oils, concentrates, and waxes. These potent extracts can produce a more intense high, typically with a shorter duration, than smoking or consuming edibles. Terp sauce is one variety of THC concentrate that you might see at your dispensary, and it highlights the unique qualities of terpenes, which are similar to essential oils produced in marijuana plants.


A Closer Look at Terpenes

When people purchase marijuana at a dispensary, they tend to look at THC and CBD content. However, these compounds are not the only thing that distinguishes one strain from another. Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons that contribute to the aroma and flavor of different strains, and they can influence the type of high you get. In fact, it is terpenes that account for the difference between Indica-leaning and Sativa-leaning strains. Some terpenes promote more euphoria and relaxation, while others lean toward an energetic and upbeat high. Terp sauce features various concentrations of different terpenes in a potent THC extract, so you can achieve very specific effects based on the variety you select.


How to Use Terp Sauce

Terp sauce is sold in a plastic dropper, so it can easily be put into a refillable vape cartridge or dropped on a dab rig. These methods are favorable to direct consumption for terpene-heavy strains, since they enhance the physical effects that terpenes can produce, as well as their unique flavor notes.

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