The Rise of “Craft Cannabis”

Long-time cannabis lovers remember a time when they had no clue as to where their cannabis came from. Fast forward a half-century where the rise of craft cannabis has become popularized as more discerning consumers pay careful attention to the ways their ‘craft cannabis’ is grown. Many other craft consumer goods have discovered a profitable platform from which to operate. Examples of artisan products include bread, farm-to-table meals, and even micro-brews.

The art of craft cannabis denotes that the product has been nurtured with a high standard of care, and patience. Craft cannabis commonly is hand trimmed so that it retains the product’s medicinal properties and potency, grown organically, and often grown to have a specific result or treatment.

Social And Economic Influences

Local production allows for an improved connection and feedback between consumers and producers. The craft cannabis industry will also substantially add to tax revenue bases for many communities in need of additional resources.

With the ever-changing cannabis laws across the United States, the marijuana industry is likely poised to become the next ‘’ boom. The competition grows fiercer each passing day. Craft cannabis growers have found a way to make a highly desirable product into something even more special. The result: High-quality products, more choices and to boot, sustainable practices for local businesses.

Craft Cannabis Appeals to Both Medicinal and Recreational

Recreational Marijuana shoppers are attracted to Craft Cannabis for the quality, organically grown, pesticide-free products. Craft cannabis dovetails beautifully with the generational identity of the Millennials.

Medical Marijuana patients have a similar strong demand for craft cannabis to manage a number of conditions like anxiety, sleeplessness, Crohn’s Disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Muscular Dystrophy, among others. Craft Cannabis growers can create specialty strains to have higher benefits in treating these ailments and more.

The Take-Away

The heart of craft cannabis is to masterfully bring together skillful cultivators to carefully grow the plant and to skillfully produce the plant’s maximum potential potency. In the Wasilla, AK area, craft cannabis is available at The Green Jar, and made with dignity and passion Call us today at (907) 631-3800 to find the craft cannabis to meet your needs.