Health Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana

Many state governments in the United States are legalizing the use of medical marijuana for chronic conditions. Currently, twenty-nine states like Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, and others are allowing prescriptions for medical marijuana.

While a myriad of conditions can be treated by medical marijuana, glaucoma is one of the most common. Glaucoma increases pressure in the eye and damages the optic nerve. It can lead to blindness. Prescription marijuana usage lowers intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients and may slow the disease enough to prevent blindness. Epileptic seizures can also be prevented by the use of medical marijuana. The active ingredient THC binds the brain cells which control excitability. THC also regulates relaxation and helps lessen the intensity and number of seizures. Another ingredient in marijuana, CBD, may keep cancer cells from spreading through the body. It turns off the ID-1 gene which helps the cells travel in the body. Medical marijuana is also known for relieving pain and suppressing nausea in patients with cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

There is a process patients must complete to obtain a medical marijuana card. Proof of residence in a state where the medical marijuana is legal must be presented. This is usually in the form of a valid driver’s license. Patients must be diagnosed with a condition listed as eligible in their state. The list varies from state to state, but glaucoma, seizures, and cancer are on almost all of them. The paperwork must be filled out and signed by a doctor. A primary care doctor can complete these forms, or patients can visit a medical marijuana clinic. Doctors at these clinics work specifically with patients seeking medical marijuana cards.

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