A Tourist's Guide to Cannabis in Alaska

A Tourist's Guide to Cannabis in Alaska

If you are planning a visit to Alaska, you may be excited to experience the state’s lush greenery—referring to both the green scenery outdoors and the legal marijuana market. Before you light up in Alaska, however, you’ll want to know about the local laws concerning cannabis as well as the experience you can expect at a local dispensary.

How and Where to Purchase Cannabis

Cannabis is only legally sold through state-licensed dispensaries. In most Alaskan towns, you’ll find at least one dispensary. Wasilla has four to choose from. At any dispensary, you should walk in prepared to show your ID. You must be 21 or older to enter a dispensary, so even if you don’t plan to buy, you can’t take a look inside if you’re underage.

Dispensary layouts may vary, but in any shop, the products will all be located behind a counter and a budtender will be there to help you make your selections. With flower, you can smell and see any of the strains available, but you cannot touch the flower until you’ve made a purchase. Along with flower, you might find edibles, tinctures, vape pens and cartridges, and even topical solutions. Your budtender will be happy to walk you through the selections available. They may even have unmedicated samples of various edibles to try. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind, but remember that dispensaries can get busy, so try to plan your scouting visit during non-peak hours.

Legally Consuming Cannabis in Alaska

One tricky part of planning your trip may be deciding where to smoke. Smoking marijuana is only allowed on private property, and there is a fine of up to $100 for smoking in public. Edibles and vapes are a more discreet solution to think about. Hotel rooms are considered private property, but many hotels will regulate against smoking on site. Your best bet for smoker-friendly lodging may be an Airbnb or other FRBO arrangement where the owner allows smoking on the property.

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