A Beginner's Guide to Bongs

A Beginner’s Guide to Bongs

Every marijuana smoker has their preferred method of consumption. For many, that method is a bong. Bongs are designed to create a smoother draw of smoke than pipes and joints, and they are crafted in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater to any smoker’s preferences. If you’ve never used a bong—or you want a little guidance before purchasing your first one—read on for a guide to these popular smoking devices. 

Bong Design Features

Most bongs are made from glass. However, you may see some modern designs featuring silicone or other more durable materials. Most bongs have multiple chambers inside, including at least one with a reservoir of water to help cool the smoke as it travels through. As a result, bong hits are smoother and less harsh than other methods of smoking. No matter the size or shape of the bong, you will always find the following components: 

  • Bowl – The bowl is where dry flower is loaded. In most bongs, it is a removable piece that you slide out at the end of your hit to clear the chambers inside the bong. 
  • Downstem – The downstem is where smoke is pulled down to the water at the base of the bong. It is often percolated on the bottom to help to disperse the smoke evenly. 
  • Base – The base of the bong is where water is held to cool smoke as it travels through the piece. Often, a beaker or bubble style is used to allow optimal air circulation. 
  • Tube – The tube is where the mouthpiece of the bong is attached. 

Using Your Bong

Using a bong is simple. First, load your desired flower into the bowl. Many smokers prefer to load a personal sized bowl called a snap for each smoker. Light the bowl and inhale. As the tube fills with smoke, pull the bowl out and continue inhaling until you clear the chamber. You should be able to enjoy the full aroma of your selected flower, as the smoke is filtered and cooled for the smoothest possible hit. As you continue using your bong, change out the water every few sessions and get a deep clean using salt and vinegar on all glass components. 

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